At Lifecode Gx we are passionate about the power of genetic testing and analysis to enable a personalised approach to health care and optimisation.

about us

We embrace three key principles:

Preventative: genes are not your destiny; understanding pre-dispositions is the first step to pro-active management

Personalised: there is no ideal medical, nutritional or lifestyle approach that suits everyone; recommendations must be tailored to the individual

Professional: genetic information is best interpreted and supported by a trained professional who can provide technical explanations, recommendations and support

Our founder, Emma Beswick, was inspired by the potential of personalised medicine whilst studying nutrigenomics, and saw an opportunity to provide a DNA testing and interpretation service for professionals. Whilst her first start-up venture, Ingeneius, focussed on the  interpretation of genetic data from the consumer genetics company 23andMe, Lifecode has evolved to provide a complete, secure, DNA testing and analysis service for professional use.


In the last 3 years we have developed eight comprehensive genotype panels - methylation, histamine, oestrogen, detoxification, nervous system, APOE, nutrient core and athlete - and trained over 800 practitioners. The introduction of our own DNA tests in 2017 has proved very popular enabling practitioners to offer a seamless DNA testing and analysis service to clients.

We are the only DNA testing company that provides genetic results in context of environment showing precursors, substrates (raw material), cofactors and inhibitors, enabling practitioners and clients to understand the 'so what' and  to apply personalised health in practice.

We created Lifecode Gx to take our DNA testing, analysis and training services to the next level, including:

  • Increased DNA testing capacity (by 10x) which will scale according to our needs

  • Extended professional genotype reports with more detailed recommendations - saving practitioner time, and extra SNPs (not available through other labs or providers)

  • Practitioner training and support including regular seminars and complimentary telephone consultations

  • A new 'Nutrigenomics In Practice' seminar series, including the popular Methylation, Detoxification, Female Health and Nervous System seminars and a new topic for 2018 - 'Nutrigenomics in Practice: Nutrient Core' - the perfect introduction for practitioners. See our current listing for details.

If you are a health professional, click here to benefit from registering with us.

I usually use another company to provide me with the raw data and then analyse this myself and produce a report however, it’s all very time consuming and I often wait weeks for the results to come back. I really like the way Lifecodegx present their information and feel that this is a good way forward for much of my future testing.
— Fiona Mealing, Suffolk

Our lab process


Why we use our own lab

Quick and easy DNA collection - in clinic or at home takes just 1 minute using our cheek swab sample kit.

Bonus SNPs unique to us - our bespoke SNP array design enables testing of important SNPs which aren't available through other labs or providers.

Fast turnaround - typically within 3 weeks of receipt of the DNA sample. All processing takes place in the UK.


The genotyping laboratory only identify samples by the barcode ID. On receipt by Lifecode Gx, a client sample is labelled with a unique barcode ID. The client sample is not labelled with any client name or part of the client name.

Lifecode Gx do not share any client details with the genotyping laboratory.

The genotyping laboratory do not disclose or share data with any party other than Lifecode Gx.

DNA samples are stored in the laboratory for 3 months, after which time they are destroyed. DNA samples can be destroyed earlier on request by contacting Lifecode Gx.

Lifecode Gx reports do not contain client names or any part of a client name.

Lifecode Gx supplies reports only to the authorised practitioner and/ or client as specified when ordering.

Lifecode Gx does not share client information, results, or reports with any third party other than the authorised practitioner and/ client.


Lifecode Gx genotype reports are intended for educational and informational purposes only. They are not meant for use as diagnostic information and are part of Lifecode Gx communication with health professionals .