Athlete Report


Athlete Report


DNA sequencing has opened the door to personalised approaches to health and fitness, enabling a more intelligent approach to training, recovery and performance.

In this report we present elements of your unique DNA profile that have been shown to affect athletic performance.

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The personalised genetic results are grouped into three topic areas:

Train - tailor a programme that will be most effective for you to support cardio-vascular adaption, strategic fuelling and structural strength

Recover - build resilience and reduce your risk of injury and illness by controlling inflammation, reducing oxidative stress and optimising sleep

Perform - balance stress and stimulation when it matters most - to achieve your personal best


  • results summarised at the front of each section

  • personalised, colour coded genotype results

  • gene function and SNP impact descriptions

  • clinically relevant SNPs presented in the context of sport

  • nutrition and lifestyle recommendations

  • links to research evidence